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less than truckload

Less than truckload is used to transport small consignments or when the entire truck or trailer is not needed for transportation, and It is an ideal shipping method when the consignment weighs between 150 to 15,000 pounds.

By opting for LTL, the shipper needs to pay only for the proportion of truck or trailer occupied by his consignment. There are many advantages of space and cost associated with shipping via less than truckload.

Major Advantages of LTL shipping

Cost efficiency

You need to pay only for the proportion of space that you are using. The rest is borne by the consignors using the remaining space in the truck.

Better and Enhanced security

Gets a high level of security against damage as it remains secure in many smaller handling units.

Avail additional services

With VIXS, you can also opt for alternatives like lifts and inside pickup and delivery.

Tracing and Tracking

You can track your shipment in less than truckload through multiple options: PRO number, PO number, Shipment and reference number and pick up time

Factors that determine the cost in less than truckload

Location, Consignment, Mode of transport and type of commodity 

Few extra benefits in shipping via LTL

quick delivery, better lifting options, inside pick up and delivery, controlled and limited access.

Industry sectors coverage

We book and transport loads from different industry sectors, covering our services extensively from food and beverage, retail, and chemical for their goods. We do carry durable and perishable goods with utmost care as per their trucking needs. Below mentioned are a few of sectors of our service availability

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Chemical Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail Goods
  • Energy, Oil and Gas

Want help to book transportation for your Goods Delivery ?

we can help you transport anywhere within the USA. Feel free to reach us for customized packages as per your transport requirements.