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Full truckload

Though all the inland transportation of logistics with containers is reliable but still cannot justify all the supply chain needs, we offer full truckload transportation that transports all the goods smoothly from origin to destination, ensuring more efficiency than cargo transport.

Service Details

Major benefits of taking Full load truck service with VIXS

Giving you a bouquet of services in your appropriate budget

Better tracking options throughout

Customized logistics solution as per your business need and requirement.

A stronghold on quality control due to fixed partnerships and ownership of types of equipment

Truckload transportation

Transportation by full truckload

Take a wise call by analyzing the needs of logistics for shipping goods: Consider these added on advantages with full truckload

Constant and quick deliveries with FTL

As the whole truck is dedicated to transporting your goods, you get the shipment delivered without stops.

The most preferred option for huge consignments

Take advantage of more and perfect space in specified freight.

Better and quicker deliveries

As you can avoid all stops and there is no requirement of transferring from one truck to another ensures quicker delivery of the consignment.

Enhanced safety and security

As the complete truck is dedicated, there are very few chances of consignment getting either spoiled or damaged.

Industry sectors coverage

We book and transport loads from different industry sectors, covering our services extensively from food and beverage, retail, and chemical for their goods. We do carry durable and perishable goods with utmost care as per their trucking needs. Below mentioned are a few of sectors of our service availability:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Chemical Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail Goods
  • Energy, Oil and Gas

Want help to book transportation for your Goods Delivery ?

we can help you transport anywhere within the USA. Feel free to reach us for customized packages as per your transport requirements.