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About us

At VIXS, we understand that there are numerous efficient and responsive methods to take care of the shipping responsibilities of our clients. We are working round the clock in finding much more efficient options to look after the needs of our clients, and we are concerned about the shipping needs of our clients. That’s why we give alternatives brokerage varied as per the clients in Full, Less than and Intermodal truckload. From Day one, Our only goal is to give patient ears to our clients, take care of their needs and put efforts together to develop feasible solutions to the hurdles in their present supply chain.

If you allow us an opportunity to be your logistics partner, we assure you that we will look after

Analyze your shipping needs and try to come up with potential solutions to major hurdles in your transportation.

Ensure you are attended by one of the allotted representatives for your account, assuring required support round the clock.

Make world-class service available for your local clients.

Take care of your business requirement for logistics in your budget.

We will try to be a Budget and Environment-friendly logistics partner for your business.

Providing Expert & Honest Service For Over 20 Years

Why choose VIXS?

We are not huge operational scale, Not even planning the same soon, but we are actually targeting only the BEST. We just want a smooth and simplified shipping process for our clients-Our only business goal is smooth and smooth simplified shipping.

It hardly matters if you have just started shipping your goods or already doing it for the past many years. You always accept your logistics partner taking care of the shipping to make the process less tiring for your business. We have a dedicated team who will give you a complete glimpse of our ways to manage your shipment from scratch to end. In the end, we just want you to have a smooth shipping experience with our simplified solutions.

From Just carrying a part of your package or carrying your huge consignment, VIXS just wanted to be on your side for taking utmost care of your logistics needs and requirements.


Assuring shipping services in three types

Too many carriers to choose from

Easy Navigation and tracking

Smooth accounting and auditing process of your freight bills

Round the clock assistance with freight shipping troubles

Customized invoicing alternatives


Completed Projects